006---Turkey Day



Hey all! Thought I’d pop in and give you an update on what I’m working on/set a few other ideas in motion.

This week I’m working on some freelance wedding invites for a friend of a friend. Pretty excited because they’re having a Star Wars wedding and well… that’s definitely on brand with GEEKinSTL.

So since I kind of have wedding stuff on the brain I thought I’d share one of the first wedding suites I did for a friend in honor of #WeddingWednesday.

When Roxy asked me to design her wedding stuff for her I felt so honored. I hadn’t felt so excited since the first time I was asked to be a bridesmaid (I’ve been a bridesmaid… let’s see… 7 times now, but it was less at the time I was designing these, like 5?). I had done invites or programs before, but this was the first time I did everything. Invites, RSVPs, Program, etc. And to make it even better Roxy paid me in fried pickles! haha

After doing this wedding suite it’s kind of become my thing for friends, their wedding gift. I honestly love doing it. It lets me be a part of their special day and it lets me use my skills to hopefully make their wedding planning process a little easier, something I have a better appreciation for after our own wedding. I’m glad Roxy thought to ask me and that she was the first one I did them for because she’s super chill, which made it easier for me as I was learning. She also had some really fun ideas, like the mad libs, which I borrowed for our wedding.

Side note: Roxy & Alex just celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary, which is also why this set was on my mind. Congrats you two!

Invitation:Schonlau Invite

RSVP:Schonlau RSVP

Schonlau Program

Mad Lib:
Schonlau Mad Libs

As you can tell I like hashtags. I think they’re important to help get your work out there and let other people see what you’re doing. So warning, I’m probably going to have a couple of hashtags that I use regularly on here. Also, I think they will help keep me inspired to post. Oh it’s Wednesday? I guess I could post something for #WeddingWednesday. Stuff like that. These new hashtags won’t have rules like #FollowYourArrowFriday, they’ll just be more for fun.

DesignGEEK out!


I’m back! That’s right, two posts in one week! Go me!
(Words of affirmation is my love language okay?)

Alright, so in my quest to be more creative I am taking inspiration from my college professor, Tad Carpenter. Tad posts a new illustration of a sun every Sunday, thus #SUNdaySUNS. Every week I look forward to seeing what he’s come up with (he’s been doing it since 2015!). I think this idea is a great way to not only be more creative, but also to challenge yourself as a designer.

So to get myself to be more creative each and every week I’m starting my own once a week design challenge. My goal is to make it until the end of the year (12 weeks) and then go from there.

Here are the rules:

Theme: Follow Your Arrow

For my theme I’m taking inspiration from Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves. My college friends aka the fartasses (Go watch Now & Then) introduced me to this song right before I moved to STL. I was crazily following my arrow to Missouri of all places (Rock Chalk!) and moving in with my boyfriend (DataGEEK) after spending probably less than a month of irl (in real life) time together. (Yes, we met online. You shouldn’t be surprised.) So this song has always held a special place in my heart and let’s be honest it’s just a great message.

Day: Friday

I must post a new design every Friday.

Hashtag: #FollowYourArrowFriday

Which comes from this post I made on my instagram over a year ago of my friend’s little boy Cam in his little arrow bib. So cute!

>>> Just a little reminder to #FollowYourArrow <<<
#Camden #FollowYourArrowFriday 

Design: Must Include an Arrow

Every design must include an arrow. Every design does NOT need to be about following your arrow, some may, but it’s not a rule. It’s about me following my arrow creatively and seeing where that will take me.

And with that, here is my first one:

001 - JOY WEEK#FollowYourArrowFriday: No. 001 – Joy Week

If you know me you know that I’m a big fan of the Bobby Bones Show. I’ve been listening every day via the podcast for over 4 years now. This week on the show it’s been #JoyWeek and on Monday Bobby was explaining what Joy Week is. He said, “There’s so many ways that you could interpret what we call #pimpinjoy, it could be toward other people, it could be within yourself that in the end influences other people.” and that inspired me to make my first #FollowYourArrowFriday about Joy Week.

So here’s to pressing start on this idea and to doing what brings you joy.

To find out more about Joy Week and #pimpinjoy check out Amy’s explanation here.

DesignGEEK out!