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Good afternoon (again), DataGEEK here!

With DesignGEEK out of town for the weekend, we both decided that this needed to be a weekend for me to hunker down and get stuff done. Inspired by Jacob Rosen’s tweet during #SSAC16, I decided to call this #DoIshWeekend.

Step 1? Set up my new(ish) Alienware X51 in our study. Last weekend, we both cleaned up the study, and we finally had room on our corner desk for the dual-monitor setup. But I wasn’t sure I had the right pieces to connect both to the PC, and still had the keyboard and mouse to hook up as well. Now? It’s all set up, and it is so nice to have a desktop again. Laptops and tablets are really nice for portability, but there’s just something extra productive about a desktop; at least for me.

What’s on tap the rest of the day? A few things, and I’ve still got some of the boring day-to-day adult stuff (bills), but if I can at least make this a more productive weekend than usual, that will be a win in a big way.

Anyway, here we go!

#DoIshWeekend rundown

  1. Set up computer, install antivirus
  2. Factory reset Nexus 7
  3. Access Dropbox again and get access to analytics data
  4. Install R, Rcmdr, and ggplot; play around with #rstats
  5. Install CS3 Master Collection

Okay, not quite as much done today as I wanted to get, but all things considered I have to be pretty happy with staying productive enough to get that much done.

Until next time, GEEK out!

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