#30JobsIn30Days: Update

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Good morning world, DataGEEK here.

So much for #30JobsIn30Days. But the point isn’t to actually hit that number, right? It’s just self-motivation to get it done (#DoIshWeekend) and to get the job done, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Good progress today though, after a weekend off and a Monday that was too hectic to get anything done (by the way, did you know that DataGEEK and DesignGEEK are planning a wedding?), I was able to get two totally different applications out today, and already have another opportunity identified for tomorrow or Thursday. So hopefully we’ll keep this progress going, though with the weekend of the 4th looming, it’s probably going to hit a wall quickly.

Today’s applications were to evolve24, a St. Louis based analytics and research company, and Gainsight, a customer service company headquartered in California but with openings in St. Louis.

#3oJobsIn30Days progress (3 in 5 days):
6/24: Riot Games
6/28: evolve24
6/28: Gainsight


#30JobsIn30Days: The beginning

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Good morning world, DataGEEK here.

There’s nothing quite like a challenge to give us something to strive for, even if it’s relatively unattainable. You still have to be realistic, but even an unrealistic goal is worthwhile if progress is worth the effort.

Case in point: #30JobsIn30Days.  I wanted to start this a few weeks ago, but better late than never. I want to apply to 30 jobs in the next 30 days; or at least something close to that. Like I said, if just making progress is worthwhile in itself …

Today I started by applying to Riot Games, the makers of hugely popular League of Legends. Riot was also represented at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in March by RiotMagus, who I had the opportunity to speak with.

This is going to be a difficult goal anyway, but starting it on a Friday with a holiday weekend on the horizon probably isn’t the best idea! Maybe it will have to be #30JobsIn30Workdays? We’ll see!

#3oJobsIn30Days progress:
6/24: Riot Games