If you know me you know I love to read. In fact, we’re both pretty big bookworms. We don’t have much in common with what we read however. Jeff usually is teasing me about whatever YA book I’m currently reading and I’m never surprised when he’s reading about football.

Back to my point, I love to read. I always have. And although I used to say I wouldn’t like an ereader or that I didn’t like audiobooks, I’ve come to see that I was wrong.

Late 2016, I got a free audible book and discovered that audiobooks are great! Sure, I don’t care for them if I’m reading along like we did in school (I always read faster than the narrator and having to read slower was frustrating), and if the narrator isn’t good then they can be awful, but listening while you multitask or during a drive is great! (Don’t tell younger Allie I said that, she’d be offended. Music over everything.) I honestly wouldn’t have completed my Goodreads Reading Challenges these past couple of years without them.

And to say I love my Kindle is an understatement. It’s even my preferred way to read these days. I blame (or credit) Jeff for this since he bought me my first one on our first Christmas together. Reading was never the same.

One of the things I like most about reading on my Kindle, besides being more comfortable while reading aka reading while laying down, is that I can easily highlight text. Whether it’s a good quote, a pronunciation, or a reference I want to look up later, it’s so handy. But mostly I highlight quotes and I’ve started to think “What am I doing with all these quotes?” So I’ve started writing them down in a notebook (I know, this seems contrary to what I just said about highlighting being handy and blah, blah, blah, but stick with me) and I’m going to use them as inspo for designs.

Not doing this as a challenge like #FollowYourArrowFriday, but more as another way to be creative.

So here’s my first one…which isn’t a book quote at all, but instead a quote from Thomas Jefferson. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I make the rules okay?

I first saw this quote when Jeff and our friend Chesney visited the Library of Congress in D.C. Chesney and I even bought tote bags with the quote on them because we loved it so much (she’s a big bookworm too).

Anyways, one of my fave quotes and I relate to it on a spiritual level.

DesignGEEK out!

Christmas Card Sneak Peek

Every year I design our Christmas cards. The design is always of something that we were really into or that was a big part of our lives for the year. They’re usually pretty geeky (last year and this year not so much, but ::shrug::) and we know not everyone gets the reference, but we always have fun doing them.

I’ll make a post later in the week of our old ones.

This week I designed our 2018 card and tonight we ordered them. Shoutout Cyber Monday for getting us a great deal!

Any-who, I thought I would share a little sneak peek tonight since they’ve been ordered!

DesignGEEK out!