Recipe Box


For the past 6 months I’ve been taking an UX class through LaunchCode’s CoderGirl program. Last Wednesday we had our last class…

…and today we turned in our final projects.

My idea was for a cooking app that would read the ingredients and steps to you so that you wouldn’t have to keep unlocking your phone and scrolling, which always results in a messy phone, as well as a place to keep track of your recipes.

Here are some screenshots from my app:

Also here’s a link to check out the prototype as well: Recipe Box

It looks like you have to sign in to Adobe for the voice stuff to work, but if you’re able to do that here are some tips for the voice:
-Press pause after Step 1, then play
-After Step 2 you can hold down the space bar and say “ Recipe repeat” or ask “ Recipe how many eggs?”

Enjoy looking around!

#TBT – DataGEEK Logos

Data, Design, Geek

As you know DataGEEK recently attended his 4th Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. So for today’s #TBT I thought I’d share our previous logos relating to DataGEEK.

Started as StatGEEK. We originally had the state of MO with glasses (before I even needed glasses and before DataGEEK has LASIK) and it was filled in differently depending on who was using it. Maybe someday we’ll explore this idea again, sans glasses.
DataGEEK wanted business cards for his second conference and he came up with this idea. I created it for him and he switched from statistics to data. Gotta admit I like data better because then we both start with D (plus it’s SO much shorter!) I don’t know that this idea will ever be used again? But I do like the graph with the football field background.
Current logo. Personally I love the simplicity of it. Maybe we should have separate logos for Data and Design? ::shrug:: It’s working for the moment.