Way Back Wednesday


With all the STL love that’s been on here lately I thought I’d share a #WBW today of a card I made for Jeff on our first Louversary.

Louversary #6


Six years ago today I moved to St. Louis and in with Jeff. Every year on June 15th we celebrate our “Louversary” by eating someplace (or often somePLACES because we have too many favorite STL eateries) or by doing something very St. Louis (basically an excuse to be touristy in our city).

Today is no exception, I don’t know what we’ll be eating yet, but Ted Drewes is definitely on the menu for the weekend, and did I mention a little something called the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Parade?!? We’re going. It’s going to be crazy. Honestly what’s more St. Louis than that?

Here’s what we’ve done in years past. It’s crazy that some of our our favorite places started out as a Louversary celebrations and it’s even crazier that it’s already been 6 years in the Lou.

2013 – I was driving my Jeep. Jeff was driving a UHaul. We ate sandwiches from a gas station. 😂

2014 – Our first trip to both Blues City Deli (we would later buy our house with help from the owner’s son and daughter-in-law) and Crown Candy (note: Louversary is also on Father’s Day weekend and this was a terrible idea. We spent so long in line!)

2015 – We were pretty into being healthy and had just discovered Grant’s Trail. We walked the ENTIRE thing (8 miles!) and rewarded ourselves with Bread Co. (Panera) and frozen Cokes.

2016 – Our first trip to Pi Pizzeria (where we would later have our Rehearsal Dinner).

2017 – We went to the new location for Rosalita’s and TBH it’s kind of a miracle we did anything, we were one month out from our wedding.

2018 – I guess you could say we went kind of all out for our 5th Louversary. We had Concord Grill for dinner Friday night. Saturday started with breakfast at Strange Donuts, then lunch at Pretzel Boys, and ending with Bo Fung Chinese and a Fritz’s Rootbeer. On Sunday we walked around our new neighborhood and had another Fritz’s on the front porch.